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Unique Perspective, Creative Mindset

Kit Million Ross [they/them] has never been one to do things the same way as everyone else. Growing up, Kit was constantly surrounded by radio and music, sparking a passion that they hold to this day.

In 2015, Kit was invited to a festival to interview bands, having never interviewed anyone before. By the end of the weekend, Kit had interviewed The Darkness, Rag N' Bone Man, Rhodes, Sunset Sons, and more, and a new passion was born.

In October 2016, Kit launched their radio show Sugar Pill on UWE Hub Radio and was immediately hooked. Over the next two years, Kit would become Head Of Music at Hub and interview many more bands and artists including The Hoosiers and The Pidgeon Detectives. Kit started to recognise the power of radio and in 2018 began UWE's groundbreaking MA Radio Documentary course, creating unique and powerful content in many different formats.

Kit is both genderqueer and autistic, and personally understands the impact of representation for those from marginalized experiences. Their unique perspective allows them to approach issues with curiosity, openness, and sensitivity; and Kit thinks outside the box to creatively present the lives of marginalized individuals to the world.

Kit's motivation is to "provide a voice for those who need one".  

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