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Here you'll find all of my podcasts and radio documentaries- listen, share and enjoy!
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A new queer podcast for Bristol! Every fortnight, Kit Million Ross and Lowie Trevena dive headfirst into the biggest queer stories in Bristol, as well as chat to special guests! Tune in on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube for your fortnightly dose of queer joy.


Why can I sing and dance and flap with joy in loud venues as the band plays, but shut down and panic as soon as the lights come up? 

Kit Million Ross [they/them] is autistic. And more than anything else in the world, they love going to gigs. It's an experience that makes them happier than any other- and now, they want to know why.

In Sounds And The Spectrum, Kit explores the relationship between autistic people and live music. It's a personal journey, as they try to discover if their relationship to live music has any connection to their life as an autistic person, and why they can be comfortable with far more intense sensory stimulation at gigs than they can in day-to-day life.

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This documentary podcast forms part of BCFM's 12 Communities, One Bristol project.

Easton is famous for being the most culturally diverse area of Bristol, and nowhere demonstrates this better than St Mark's Road. Kit Million Ross explores the different cultures packed into this single street and tries to answer a question: how can a community find a shared heritage with so many varied experiences?


When Jacky's eleven-year-old child Kit was given a life-changing diagnosis, Jacky tried to protect her child from the truth.
Seven years later, a doctor surprises Kit with the diagnosis that will change their life. In this documentary, Jacky reflects on the choice she made, the impact on her life and Kit’s, and the emotional impact of carrying a huge secret for almost a decade

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